Relationship is good …
You have someone to spend life with
You have someone to talk good or bad
You have someone on your side, front and back
Relationship is also bad …
If you have someone to spend a miserable life with
If You have someone they talk about you with others good or bad
If you have someone on your side only in times of enjoyment not with your dark life …

To have a relationship is a choice
And to have a type of relationship is a decision to make ..

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Payong Guro (Teacher’s Advice)

Success is not about a material things you have …
Those are temporary..
Success is about how quality person you are…
How you live your life
And what legacy can you share with other people.

Be a man of quality not a quantity..
Make a difference!


Mam Aj


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ROMANCE SCAM – a VIRUS Attacked!!! BEWARE’s all over the social media …

Once an individual been into a tragic and failed love story, for me they became two kinds of brokenhearted survivor: (1) afraid to love again, become more wise and careful.. (2) feel the emptiness and loneliness, longing for someone to love them. Well, mostly victimized by romance scammer is the one who fall on number two kind of brokenhearted survivor.

Why i chose this topic to share here, (1) i was almost become a victim, (2) to open the mind of the people who are into “looking for partner” (3) to be vigilant in knowing every person we meet in social media- be a good investigator i suggest. Because regrets always happen last .. A piece of advice “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

So, what is about romance scam, according to google search it defines as “a confidence trick involving feigned romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud.” Mostly, they are in a dating site and introducing themselves as US Military man designated in an area where there is an american base. They use images got from google. They create facebook account, instagram, twitter and the like to prove that they are real. They are mastered and perfected with the strategies, techniques, tactics and technicalities. That you cannot imagine that it is fake. By my experience, the military man is so sweet, everyday he chat you and messaged you sweet and knew how to hook you. Once you are in doubt they will get angry and dramatized things out that you may felt a guilt feeling. We chat for 6 months but he never showed himself a live video on skype, i noticed that he always have a repeated messages and clothes. A very short video chat. So i decided to search on him and when i searched his name i went in to site romance scammer, then i saw his picture stated in the picture “used by scammer”. I felt cold and my heart beats fast. Because i almost falling in love to him and dreaming that i finally find a man of my dreams. THen, i kept on reading .. it says there that usually Nigerian people doing this kind of practices to earn money from their victim.

I felt sad and happy at the same time because i was able to know earlier after i get trap in their bait. I reported again that this man is still into scamming woman, and followed what needs to be done, do not send money that is the first thing to do.. again, do not send money especially to the person you never know. And report them to the FBI site so that US Military be aware that their men are being used in scam.

With that experience, i stopped chatting in dating site. I became vigilant in knowing person i met. Romance scam is just one type of scamming practices, there’s a lot more in social media. And not depend my “future partner” in chatting. But there are some happen to have a good partner in dating site. They are lucky enough to find real one.

By the way, it’s not our fault to experience this (if happens you experience this also), to become a victim because you have no idea at all that these people you are talking are scammer, you cannot detect that easy. They are not stupid at all to trust. But i learned my lesson.

Now, i will use my experience to help other to avoid this kind of experiences. To help one another to prevent this to happen and protect individual that their images are being used.

Be vigilant! Do not panic! Be intelligent and wise! Help each other, protect each one of us in this kind of practices by psychopathic people indulging in this kind of doings. Report to the authority as much as possible.



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Achievements 101: Shared dreams come true

A good teacher is  like a candle it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Achievement no. 3: I am a late bloomer teacher i may say, i was started teaching at the age of 32. Hard to believe that i may still  pursue my dream since i was a child. It’s God’s will. For the past 6 years in this profession, i was able to encourage youths to dream, strive harder, fight for their dreams, run for dreams, soar high, and show their best to the limits. I was able to learn from them, they teach me how to be strong for them, to become more patient, to study more for them, to smile always , to be sweet and gentle. I was able to touch their heart.

I realized teaching profession is not just a job to teach, it is really a passion, devotion, a calling because you will be a person of all purpose, an individual of many tasks.

It is an achievement for me to adopt kids that are not blood related, to have a kids you treat as your own… very rewarding to see them grow, develop and excel in their own dreams that we share. A pride that i was part of their learning journey of life.

But not all became successful in an employment world, some stopped pursuing their dreams, they got married early and have baby at an early age. Somehow, it’s sad to know they got in to that situation, still a pride for me that they stood up in the responsibilities of a father hood and a mother hood. It is very important that they learn to have a good attitude towards life, that no matter what they will still fight for a good life and stand still of being a good person.

Looking back old pictures that somewhere in time we spend our days in one classroom full of memories to treasure and to keep for a lifetime.

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Achievements 101: Dream Come True

“Don’t let your dream remains a dream. Make it happen.”

Achievement no. 2: When i finally handed the transfer of rights of the lot, there was a feeling of unexplainable and the only thing happened was your eyes teared. A phrase that came out to my mouth was “Thank you Lord”.

A land where i was able to build a home and a house to my two kids. Not too small and not too big, a 3 bedroom house enough that we can roam around, sleep  and relax. A house where i can start buying things we need for our daily lives. A home where we can spend time together, talk together, eat together, watch together, laugh together and help each other.

I am a single mom but i am more than a mom, i provide everything for my kids. Since teaching is quite bigger salary i received compared my previous work.

The house was built 3 years ago. Gosh! It’s been 3 years now.

more to go!!!


home 1home 3

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DEEP POEMS : My son’s creation


“Beautiful” by ©Lemuel Ashley Moises Torres
Unite the people with beautiful words
Reveal the secrets of the covered
Alleviate the wonderings of the people with swords
In the day of falling down and something whispered
No inheritance will start in this time
Even for the next generation
Gather all the things that are needed for this time
Overcome the painful happenings to stay in the competition
Never say that it’s over
Zoom the little things
And the inobvious
Let the picture to give the things
Evidence that will make it obvious
Satisfaction that will be made that will help us not to be nervous

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Do What You CAN’T!


Back in February, I wrote a piece titled, Why Playing It Safe Is Riskier than You Think,” which argued that nothing great can be achieved without risks. The post also discussed that risk-taking can expose oneto unexpectedrewards and opportunities, and that a person will never reach his/her true potential if s/he does not develop an appetite for intelligent risks.

In this post, I want to piggyback on those ideas and speak to the importance and value of doing what you “CAN’T.”

So, what does this idea mean? It is simple. Doing what you CAN’T means to do the impossible—yes, the IMPOSSIBLE! Each of us has dreamed dreams that wereso farfetched that it left us questioning whether we werecapable of achieving such dreams. Sadly, it is at this point that so many people give up on their dreams. The mere thought of doing the impossible robs them of their…

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